Adam Levine On His Relationship With Christina Aguilera: “It’s Fine” [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

Namaste, Adam Levine
Levine strikes a pose for 'Details.'
The Voice coach and Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine stopped by Anderson (tune in Monday, February 27th) to talk about his alleged feud with Christina Aguilera, his fondness for Cee Lo Green and why he prefers yoga to going to the gym.

“It’s fine,” Levine said, referring to speculation that he is duking it out with co-judge Aguilera.  “Everyone’s so funny. They take one little thing. We bicker, like brother and sister kind of thing, but it’s all in good fun, no one’s carrying it with them anywhere other than the stage, and it’s fine.”

When Anderson asked about Green’s white cat, Levine laughed.  “He is such an interesting dude that I love him. I say that with all the affection in the world, I love him so much.”  Anderson then suggested that Levine select his own mascot, and brought in a few stuffed animals to choose from.

The musician is a yoga fanatic, having converted four or five years ago.  Levine’s trainer suggested he switch in yoga for gym-going, and he was hooked ever since.

Catch clips from Levine’s appearance on Anderson after the jump.