Adam Levine Might Have Douche Qualities, But He Wants You To Like Him Anyway

Let’s be honest, Adam Levine has gotten kind of a bad rap of late.

It has nothing to do with how hot he is–cause he is–or how talented he is–again, cause he is–but with the way he’s been presenting himself. Luckily, his latest interview with GQ gives us an insight into the Maroon 5 singer that we haven’t seen before: that he’s actually not a douche.

Even the headline reads, “Adam Levine Doesn’t Care If You Like Him (But He’d Really Prefer That You Did).” Fun fact, Adam wrote that. 

“Douchebag. What is a douchebag?” Adam asks the magazine. “Would it be really easy to assume that I was a douchebag? Definitely. 100 percent. But that doesn’t mean that I am. Or maybe I am. I don’t know.”

Adam Levine GQ

The uncertainty is something Adam deals with a lot. Still, there are a few things he thinks might be feeding into the bad portrait of him. First, he wanted to make it big and he did. ” ‘I haven’t been dealt a hard hand.’ This, Levine reckons, is probably his Original Douche Sin: ‘I’m not an easy guy to root for.’ “

Another thing? He dates plenty of models. Although, as he puts it, “I don’t date what the person does. I date the fucking person.”

Basically, all the doucheness boils down to this. ” ‘You know what the gist of this article is?’ he asks. ‘Your opening line can be: ‘You don’t have to like me, but I’d prefer it if you did.’ That’s kind of how I feel. I’m not the easiest person to love right off the bat, you know. If I knew everyone in the world, they would love me. Every single last fucking one of them.’ “

Adam Levine GQ

Honestly you guys, after reading this article, I feel like I kind of do know him. And, I really like him again. Read the full article on GQ to decide for yourself how you feel about the guy. Leave us your thoughts in the comments below!

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