Adam Levine Isn’t Dead After One Episode Right? Ryan Murphy Talks ‘American Horror Story’ [PHOTOS]

October 18th, 2012 // 1 Comment

If there is one series that viewers need answers to, it’s American Horror Story. It seems that every episode of the show ends with so many questions and no answers! With the second season premiering last week, there is a whole new batch of questions that are as yet unanswered. Like, after getting us all excited about his appearance on the show, Adam Levine won’t be dead and gone after just one episode, right?

Luckily, creator Ryan Murphy spoke with EW about everything in the show from Aliens to Animals. The writer/director, who is splitting his time this fall between AHS and his other 2 shows, The New Normal, and of course, Glee, so it’s a wonder he even has the time to basically revamp the show for the second season.

The setting is brand new, as well as the back story, guest stars, opening credits, and most importantly, some of the ‘horrific’ elements being added to the mix this season.

One of the newest villainous entities in the show are Aliens, who may or may not be real, according to Murphy. “It’s an interesting idea, which is for the audience basically to find out were the aliens real or were they all in his mind? We studied a lot about alien abductions, particularly the year we’re writing about. We say in the first episode that 1964 was a very important year in which religion and science collided. Right around the time of the space program is when a lot of people claimed alien abduction theories,” Murphy said. Although the actual sight of Aliens are only shown for around 2 seconds in the season premiere, Murphy easily revealed that it won’t be the last time you see phantom creatures in the show.

Another pivotal part of the new season of the FX hit is the abundance of famous guest stars. Murphy confirmed the future appearances of (but certainly not limited to) Franka Potente, Ian McShane, and Eric Stonestreet. One of the most buzzed about guest stars in the new season is none other than Maroon 5 singer and The Voice judge, Adam Levine. With the show being his acting debut, speculations arose as to what his character would bring to the table, and how well he would do his first time behind the camera as someone else besides Adam Levine. The singer started the episode being a charismatic husband of Jenna Dewan. Not quite a stretch for Levine. But as the episode progressed, in true AHS fashion, Levine’s sexy bantering character meets a gruesome and untimely end– or does he?

Murphy gave us some insight on the details of Levine’s character, who he says, despite the bloody ending of the first episode, will indeed be coming back. “Yes, he is going to be in a bunch of episodes. I mean, it’s clear after the first episode that he’s in a bad place. I wanted a big star in that. We actually wrote it for him. He did such a great job. He has this great movie star charisma. But what Janet Leigh was to Psycho, Adam is to this season of American Horror Story. He does not perish as quickly as anybody. And maybe he lives — I’m not saying anything.” That answer has just enough ‘frustrating cliff hanger’ in it to keep me interested. Guess we’ll have to tune in to see what happens to him and the rest of the cast.

I, for one, am glad that Ryan Murphy decided to keep Adam Levine on the show. Check out the gallery (featuring stills from one of his most…riveting scenes in episode 1) to see why.

By Marcelle Luna

  1. Ramona

    I love that Ryan Murphy likes to give us a tease without giving too much away. I think fans would go nuts if they found out Adam Levine was only in one episode of “American Horror Story: Asylum.” I was excited to see the first episode of the new season, but missed it because of my work schedule at DISH. I did record it on my Hopper, and as soon as I get home this will be the first thing I will watch. I read there are at least twelve more episodes this season; with all the DVR recording space I have available I will take advantage of this, and record the rest of the season. I love that they reuse actors from the first season while adding new actors to the show; it will help keep the story fresh while trying to figure out who else will be added to the show.

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