Adam Levine Insists You Leave Christina Aguilera And Her Weight Issue Alone, Looks Handsome At Barneys [PHOTOS]

Adam Levine will fight for his co-star’s honor, and that makes him OK by us.  Christina Aguilera has been at the center of a weight discussion for some time now, and Levine is over it.

Levine, who looked positively delicious leaving Barney’s New York in Beverly Hills yesterday (November 11th), appears on Ellen today.  “It’s a very basic thing,” Levine told DeGeneres, according to E! News. “She should be left alone. No one should bother or haggle her about her weight or anything that she does or says. So, that’s it. That’s how I feel about it.”

Amen, brosef.  Let Xtina shake it like a polaroid picture.

Meanwhile, in The Voice land, things are shuffling around, which makes for one very confused Maroon.  Aguilera and Cee Lo Green will take cycle four off, tagging in Usher and a pregnant Shakira

“We’re doing season three now, obviously, which has been really fun,” Levine told DeGeneres. “But now, we’re also shooting the beginning of season four, which is really funny because we shot with Usher and Shakira the other day. And that was the first time we did that, which was trippy, because it wasn’t the original people, but it was also a lot of fun. I remember thinking to myself, I love these guys, but just miss Cee Lo and Christina. But then I realized, it’s OK because I’m going to see them in a week from now.”

Did you get all that?