Adam Levine ‘I Hate This Country’ Comment After His Contestants Are Eliminated From ‘The Voice’

Adam Levine's got sass
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Maroon 5 front man, Adam Levine is under fire after he mutters “I hate this country” on NBC’s The Voice after America voted off his contestants, Judith Hill and Sarah Simmons.

Adam’s on-air sputter caused a backlash on Twitterverse with some users defending Levine’s obvious joke, while others claim he should be deported or fired from the show.

Rather than apologizing, Levine blasted Twitter with a series of defense tweets when he posted the definitions for the words, joke, humorless, lighthearted and misunderstanding.

Seemed a little bit more like a middle school vocab lesson to me.

Levine’s new lady love and Sports Illustrated model, Nina Agdal sat backstage as she watched her beau’s blunder on national television.

Stay sexy, Adam. Your first amendment right of freedom of speech has got you covered.