Adam Levine And Why I Can’t Get Enough Of His Twitter [Photos]

July 11th, 2012 // 1 Comment

The “Why does she want him to call her Maybe? Carly is a lovely name” tweet has been trending on Twitter AND Tumblr. When I came across the tweet from Adam Levine on Tumblr, I automatically clapped my hands like London Tipton in excitement because of the witty tweet.

THEN I took notice of the response that Mac Miller had tweeted back: “She’s saying maybe call her. Like it’s up to you if you want to make the call.”


So yeah, that happened.

After the rather entertaining tweet (from both parties, I might add) I decided to take a look at the pop heartthrob’s Twitter. I have to say I was rather amused. These days it’s hard to find good tweets. Most that I have come across are from people who are in dire need of a psychiatrist, not a platform to vocalize their every thought.

Take a lot at some rather great recent tweets from Levine in the gallery to see what I’m talking about!

By Amanda Gomez

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    Adam, there is no “obvious” in your love of the USA. If you hate this country, I can suggest several other countries who would love to have you!

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