Adam Levine All Bloodied Up On ‘Payphone’ Video Set [PHOTOS]

Adam Levine's got sass
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Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine gets bloodied up as he films action scenes for the band’s upcoming music video “Payphone” in Downtown LA. The Voice coach wore a suit and had fake blood on his face as he ran down the street holding hands with a pretty co-star.

As we reported earlier, Adam is confirmed to appear on the second season of American Horror Story. Levine’s apparently playing a multi-episode sex Jesus of some sort, as one half of a duo called “the lovers.” Woot!

“He’s a sexy guy, so he needs to play a sexy guy, but a guy that is different than who you think he would play… I pitched him the part and he listened slack jawed and simply said, ‘I’m in.’ The second season is fun, sexy and baroque. It has a lot of meat to it. It’s a really gritty part.”

Adam’s band Maroon 5’s new single “Payphone” just hit number one on iTunes and the singer took to Twitter to celebrate.



Launch the gallery to check out photos from the video shoot.

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