Adam Levine Reveals His Grammy Date, Takes Really Cute Photos With Fans [PHOTOS]

Namaste, Adam Levine
Levine strikes a pose for 'Details.'
Fans young and old gathered at Macy’s Century City in California yesterday (February 7th) to meet Adam Levine, who promoted his Adam Levine Signature Fragrances.  The Voice judge and Maroon 5 frontman took some adorable photos with eager whipper snappers ahead of the Grammy Awards this weekend, where he’ll be performing.

“Doing an amazing performance, which I kind of want to stay tight-lipped about. It’s the Grammys! It’s a big deal,” Levine told Extra.  He’ll also be bringing a special lady to the ceremony.

“I love my mom. I’m excited to take her,” Levine said.  “When she came with me one year, we won, so I thought she was my good luck charm. She should come again.” 

At a private party to celebrate his fragrance launch, Levine told Us Weekly he wanted his products to compete with beauty giants like Dior, rather than celebrities.

“I’m not a fan of celebrity fragrances,” he admitted.  “I’d much rather be bold and try to do something that competes with hugely iconic fashion fragrances,” he added. “I want to compete with the real ones, I want to compete with Dior, I want to compete with people who I revere. To me, that’s what’s cool about this.”

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