Adam Lambert’s Many Gaga Party Fouls

Adam Lambert was a bad party guest at Lady Gaga’s birthday Sunday.  The American Idol sparkplug showed up as a guest of the Scissor Sisters, and brosef was three sheets to the wind.  E! reports that Lambert arrived hammered, acted like a maniac during the party, then tried to smear cake on Gaga’s face.  Fed up with his antics,  Gaga had security boot Lambert’s ass outta there.

Did we also mention that Lambert was so fired up during the party that he punched a hole in the ceiling? LA’s La Cita mexican restaurant served as the venue, and Lambert was fist-pumping his little heart out so vigorously that his fist went straight through the low ceiling, according to Us Magazine.

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Perez Hilton, who attended the birthday bash, told LA’s 97.1 FM that Lambert was “super sloppy embarrassingly drunk,” and tried to serenade Gaga when her cake was rolled out “like he was auditioning for Idol again!”

Gaga hasn’t commented on Sunday night’s happenings, but Lambert did tweet about it Wednesday. “”My hand still hurts. LoL,” he joked. “Was trying for celebratory gesture 4 gaga’s B- piñata style…instead my fist is all bruised and la cita has a hole in the ceiling. #sloppy.”