Adam Lambert’s Kiss Is Part Of The Show

November 19th, 2010 // 8 Comments

Remember how everyone got so up in arms about Adam Lambert‘s on-stage kiss with his male band member at last year’s American Music Awards? Well, that kiss still remains a part of his show. And despite the fact that people were shocked and upset by the kiss, it’s not gone anywhere.

Lambert performed in France last night, once again pulling out the “Let me kiss my guitarist” trick for audiences.

Well, I’m sure the French are much more lenient when it comes to kissing whoever you want, whenever you want. I know I’m personally more offended by his haircut.

(PS: We’re trying to get Adam on Glee! Sign our petition here! And tell your friends!)

By Justin Thompson

  1. Shirley

    Adam did this all summer in the US also. No big deal. Fans loved it.

  2. Lissy

    I went to one of his shows in San Francisco during the summer and he kissed his bandmate. It was just one small moment during a song where it fits perfectly with the lyrics. The concert was so fun, with everything from dancepop to some beautiful acoustic ballads to some srsly rawkin songs. His voice is just crazy awesome.

    As for the kissing, lol I think Adam is determined to KEEP doing it whenever he feels the vibe is right with that night’s concert audience, until people finally get that it’s just a kiss, it’s not in the least bit threatening or shocking, and it really shouldn’t BE news.

    And lol I like his hair, it’s like my boyfriend’s after sex hair. Rawr.

  3. Glória

    Of Course the kiss is part of the show…it’s part of ”their” show, it’s part of he sexynes Adam and Tommy show onstage to the fans when they perform Ferver and WE LOVE IT! We don’t want them to stop kissing and they know it, that’s why they’re doing it on other songs too, like Sure Fire Winners, Music Again and now on Purple Haze and so many others. When the ”opportunity” apears they jump into it. They know the fans love them just the way they are…actually we are addicted to their hotness and we can’t get enoght of them. I hope they never change. I’ll be forever a faitfull fan! <333 I love Babyboy & Glitterbaby :)~

  4. Glória
    Commented on this photo:

    Sory but I need to flail over this pic….They’re so damn perfect together..*sigh*
    Please, never chance guys..WE LOVE YOU BOYS!!! <333

  5. Netmeg99

    Not everyone thought the AMA kiss was horrifying.. Adam’s fans love the fact that he is not afraid to be who he is.. I love Adam and Tommy they seem like they would be the perfect couple but Adam says over and over that Tommy is straight.. so who knows. And by the way.. What is wrong with his hair cut?? Adam can’t look bad even if he tries.. lol I’m sure he has more shocking things for us in the future.. lol \o/

    • Maybe it’s just that his hair needs to be cut. It looks a mess. Like something I expect from Imogen Heap, not Adam. Haha.

    • CZ

      The one time Adam decides to have his hair “messy sex hair”- a dork like Justin Thompson has something negative to say! Obviously you dont follow Adam’s moves his hair is ALMOST ALWAYS immaculate! So he gave his hair a break! I think it looks damn sexy! PLUS yup Adam kissed his straight “bass” player Tommy Joe Ratliff throughout the US shows. Funny how some “so called” journalists “think” they have the scoop! F.O.A.D!

    • Yikes. You frighten me. No, literally. I’m scared of rabid fans.

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