Adam Lambert’s 10 Best Motivational Quotes

October 8th, 2011 // 17 Comments

American Idol runner up and current glam rocker Adam Lambert says a lot of wonderful things. In fact, most of the time he speaks it’s as if he’s running some kind of motivational tour. I love it. He tells it like it is and tells people to just be themselves. Adam is very comfortable speaking about his life experiences and using them to make a difference. He was even honored by Equality California for his work.

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In honor of how awesome Adam is here are ten of our favorite, and slightly motivational, quotes. Launch the gallery to read them all and then tell us which is your favorite in the comments. He just makes me want to go out, put on some glitter and leather and be a better person. Thanks Adam Lambert. You so crazy cool.

By Sabba Rahbar

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    This is one of my favorite quotes of Adam’s. Gorgeous, talented, smart, self aware and socially aware. <3

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    love, love, love Adam.

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    HOT! i love him

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    One of my very favorite quotes.

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    GNT ♥

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    Is there any doubt why we LUV this man?? He’s like the Sexy Pied Piper dressed in leather, leaving a trail of Glitter… And to top it all off, he actually has a BRAIN!!
    But don’t get too comfortable with him, he will TOTALLY reinvent himself at any given moment…Yup, he’s one Helluva chameleon,if you want boring, don’t look his way… HELL NO!!!

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    No 11 is my favourite, what a beautiful and true thing to say :)

  8. Daisy

    Thanks for those great Adam Lambert quotes,!

  9. Linda

    Thank you for these. He is our favorite too. ♥

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    One of the best quotes ever! It’s never ceases to amaze me how Adam can be an Educator, Philosopher, Philanthropist, Hippie, Fashionista and a Rock Star with out even trying, who comes up with a simple truth that is immensely profound! This is something I would expect to come from a wise old man, not at Adam’s young age of 29. He’s a very old soul who has the voice of an angel and the sex appeal of the devil ;)

  11. Mary S

    OMG! You haven’t scratched the surface. Here are some more from my Facebook archives. I’ve been posting them since 2009.

    “I have no hangups, I have no shame. But for me it’s not about wearing a t-shirt saying ‘gay.’ It’s ‘Adam.’ “.

    I prepare. I create. I love.

    I don’t know the secret for success. But the secret for failure is trying to please everyone.

    “The more we focus on how we are alike, I think the better off we are in general.”

    I don’t pray. I trust.”

    Children should have full freedom of expression. It’s everyone else who’s confused.”

    “If society didn’t work so hard to reinforce gender role stereotypes we would have a much more well-adjusted & open-minded future generation.”

    It’s more than the music! It’s an amazing opportunity to help people…At the end of the day, you have to close your eyes & focus on who you are & what you want. You’ve got to …be in love with yourself in order to love anybody else…

    Q. What inspires you? Adam’s Answer: Anybody that’s fighting to be an individual. Anybody that has a thought that is stifled, or held back, or criticized. My biggest influences are people who fight to be heard and fight to be an individual.

    “You have to be strong, and you have to pay attention to the positive, and in doing so, you will push through, and you will rise up, and you will live your life to the fullest. It gets better, but it’s up to you.”

    You should be proud of who you are…There is a lot of hate but you know, if I focus on the hate and let the hate affect me; I’d be letting hate win. I refuse to do that. I’m gonna focus on the positive, focus on the love and ignore all the negativity.

    I just hope that everybody just looks to my messages in my music and who I am as a person as an encouragement to feel good about yourself and to take chances and to just be real. That’s what I’m about.

    Sometimes the goal is to look inside yourself and then love will come.

    “Once I kind of found my own happiness and didn’t base it on my success, everything started falling in place.’

    “…no matter how much my lifestyle is fabulous, no matter how much money I’m making, no matter how much I’m traveling, if I don’t have a connection with somebody, or with people in general, it’s worthless.”

    “…in this age of pop escapism, love kind of still needs to remain at the center of everything.”

    “Anything negative that comes my way, I just forget about it and move forward.”

    “My thing is, if you don’t like it, don’t listen. You can spend as much energy on enjoying somebody as using that energy to hate on them. I think if you don’t like something, just move on. I think it’s funny when people put so much energy into disliking something.”

    “Find a way to be new and fresh with your ideas, and just to keep dreaming. Find your safe space that is conducive to that. Find a way to tap into that part of yourself and not be thrown out of that dreamer space.”

  12. funqueen

    My favorite:
    “I just hope that everybody just looks to my messages in my music and who I am as a person as an encouragement to feel good about yourself and to take chances and to just be real. That’s what I’m about.”

  13. Craig

    Love Adam. I can’t wait for his new single to drop! Just a few weeks left!

  14. Mary Lou

    See what is real, he’s a knock off of everything before him and pushing the limits of the unusual.. to gain attention..

    • Beverly

      Youre blind & I feel really sad for you!! Adam speaks from his heart & poor you are too cold hearted to hear!!

    • Keryn

      my question to you is, why are you on this page that has Adam Lamberts quotes on it if you don`t like him? I understand that not everyone will like him but that doesn’t give you a right to insult him. :)

  15. William dory

    I lov what Adam has done I feel like I can be myself bec of him I’m bi and I know how it feels to get picked on even in high school so thank you so much ! :)

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