Adam Lambert, Zachary Quinto, Neil Patrick Harris & More Bring You The Best Celebrity Twitter Pics Of The Week

Ladies, gentlemen, monkeys–hello! And welcome to this week in celebrity Twitter pics! Have we got a wonderful selection for you!

I mean, it’s gotta be a good Twit Pic week when it features Adam Lambert throwing some shade. Literally. That man is so handsome. Also, I love when Zachary Quinto takes selfies. Usually he just Tweets abstract photos, but the selfies are amazing.

Speaking of selfies, the men of the CW were all about them this week in the most adorable way. 

Seriously, Jared Padalecki and Stephen Amell were on a crazy Tweeting kick. That should happen every night. Launch the gallery to check out the best celebrity Twit pics from the past week! Happy Saturday!