Adam Lambert Visits Sirius Radio [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

February 15th, 2012 // 14 Comments
Adam On Leno
Adam Lambert on The Tonight Show
Adam performs "Better Than I Know Myself" on Leno. Watch »

It’s been a big day for Adam Lambert. He made an appearance on Sirius radio this morning and he shared some exciting iTunes news on Twittter.

He tweeted, “The Better Than I Know Myself Music Video is on iTunes now!” But this tweet came after he retweeted the following tweet from a fan:


Congrats to Adam!

Listen to Adam Lambert sing “What Do you Want From Me” and “Better Than I Know Myself” during Sirius radio appearance. 

By Michael Prieve

  1. adamfan

    Nice article but why did you put up the Whataya Want From Me song he did instead of his new single Better Than I Know Myself? That’s why he’s doing the promo to push the new single not a song off his old album.

    • We couldn’t find the video of him singing his new single. Otherwise we would have.

    • Zoe

      Although the video above is titled ‘What Do You Want From Me’, if you watch it through, it also has his live acoustic performance of ‘Better Than I Know Myself’ right after the performance of ‘Whataya Want From Me’. Maybe the writer, Michael, can preface the video with that description so people will know that the video has both performances together.

    • Done and done. Thanks Zoe!

  2. Random Medley

    Adams new song and video is on itunes and Vevo. Michael you should check out the Video. It’s very interesting.

  3. Random Medley

    Sorry Michael that was the audio only. This is the link for the video It’s a good one.

  4. glamity58

    Thanks for having him. Please play his song. I think his new album is going to be great. Did you get a chance to hear any of it?

  5. WindyJocelyne

    Thank you all for having him. That new single are so so beautiful and his voice stay always magic to hear…thanks again plz play his song…you will not regret :):)

  6. ADAM’s … Better Than I Know Myself … is at the END of this clip … no video … just audio … the video cuts off after he sings WWFM … play this clip all the way to the end … you need to click it on & off a couple times but keep trying … the song is there … acoustic the way only ADAM can sing it … haunting & THAT VOICE!! LOVE IT!!!


  7. Thanks so much for having our adam LOL (oh yes, he is loved around the world. I can’t think of anyone that has the charisma or that voice !! Please play his new single- I have sirrus x-m but have only heard BTIKM on 20 on 20. Never on hits 1 yet, and it’s s # 1 on I-tunes right now??? Don’t understand why he doesn’t get airplay?

  8. Hana

    Here’s a video of Adam performing “Better Than I Know Myself” today. It’s haunting…


  9. LC

    I love those pictures. He looks so good! His acoustic performance is beautiful. This is the difference between someone like Adam and other pop stars. A lot of them or I dare say most of them can’t sing outside a studio. He can.

  10. Adam Lambert Visits Sirius Radio
    Commented on this photo:

    He looks so gorgeous!!

  11. Adam Lambert Visits Sirius Radio
    Commented on this photo:

    Love his smile!

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