Adam Lambert Thanks The Glamberts For Accepting His Dorkiness

April 15th, 2014 // 6 Comments

Now, usually the words “Adam Lambert” and “Dork” don’t go hand-in-hand in my mind, but after seeing this hilarious collage the singer just shared on Instagram, I might have to change my mind.

Adam shared the above photo on his page with the caption, “Thank u Glamberts for reminding me of how much of a dork I am. Lol.” See Adam, you might be a dork, but you’re our favorite dork! 

And all this after he decided to go with some green hair. Adam, darling, you are having quite the week. I’d personally like to thank whichever Glambert made this for him. If Twitter is to be believed, it’s this lovely person.

Honestly, I can’t decide which is my favorite face. That second one on the far left is pretty fabulous, although his fat face down on the bottom is spectacular as well. It’s all so good.

Tell us which is your favorite Adam face in the comments below! I know you have to have one…or two!

By Sabba Rahbar

  1. Bea

    I love any face of Adam’s. LOVE!!! LOVE!!! LOVE!!! him Any Way, All Ways. He can do no wrong in my eyes.

  2. Terry

    The one with the sunglasses ROFL

  3. gravilarBr

    ❤​ All faces, all modes, every ways… all all all… all the time!! ❤​

  4. Shimoli

    Love them all. :) The ‘Cucko’ face (second row, first from the left) is my favorite though – love the song and Adam performing it. :)

  5. Sena

    Omg!! All sooooo cute, love him!! ❤​

  6. Row 3, # 11 is my fave pic, but really love all photos of him. He has such an expressive face, leting us in to his fun, down to earth, unpretentious personality, His “dorkness” is really endearing and lovable and in no way negates his edgy elegance that is very apparent. Adam gives us a warm, fuzzy feeling when he gets into the sweet, dork moments and is so good at not taking himself too seriously, being the first one to laugh at himself. We just love him to pieces, every part of him!

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