Adam Lambert Talks Love And Music Ahead Of Album Release [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

Adam Lambert comes out with his sophomore album tomorrow, entitled Trespassing.  Lambert was able to take his time with the music this go-round, he told the Associated Press.

“I had time to make this album,” Lambert, who served as executive producer, said.  “I do feel that sonically, lyrically and emotionally, this album is a surprise for people — and myself.”  The American Idol runner-up collaborated with Pharrell, Bruno Mars and Dr. Luke to create something that holds the “element of surprise.”

Lambert also talked about shows like The Voice and Duets, concepts that give even more hopefuls the chance to show their teeth.  “I think that it’s great that there are shows out there giving people that platform,” Lambert explained.  “It’s really difficult to make it in the music industry. These shows are great because they show what the person is capable of and their journey and process of becoming an artist. … I think the difficult thing is the transition between TV competition series and going into the actual music industry. There still seems to be a slight disconnect there. Hopefully, they’re fixing that. 

And what about that sticky wicket Lambert and boyfriend Sauli Koskinen got into in Sweden?  “I think that seemed like a natural reaction,” Lambert said.  “That’s the reality of the situation when famous people have a bad night. It turns into a big deal. It’s par for the course. Luckily, no one was injured and everything was fine. It wasn’t that big of a deal.”

Lambert performed on Good Morning America today (May 14th) in New York, with the largest crowd ever seen by the ABC morning show in line to see him perform.