Adam Lambert Talks About Losing His Virginity

November 5th, 2010 // 9 Comments

Adam Lambert is revealing a lot in his upcoming episode of E! True Hollywood story…especially about sex!

The Glambert shares his story, with additional interviews with Adam’s parents, brother and closest friends. They even got American Idol judge Randy Jackson to talk about him – I’m sure with several clips featuring the word “dawg.”

Highlights of the show, which airs Nov. 21…

“I lost my virginity at 21 years old.and it was to a man, not a woman. Uh, and it wasn’t very good. Sometimes it takes a little while to learn how to do that correctly.”- Adam, who clearly practices kissing the boys in his band during his concert each and every night.

“He was probably one of the more evil infants. He cried a lot!”- Eber Lambert, Father

“Still, to a lot of people, Adam Lambert not winning ‘Idol’ – they still can’t believe it was even possible.”- Randy Jackson

“It’s kind of weird that he is now a sex symbol.” – Neil Lambert, Brother

By Justin Thompson

  1. Angel

    I adore him. Can’t wait to see this!

  2. Adam Lambert costume kissing man florida south beach
    Rachael Sadlier
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    GODDAMNIT, that is sooo fucking hott, i thought i was having a nosebleed but it was false alarm, but any who ADOMMY LAMBLIFF KISSES R THE HOTTEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Adam Lambert costume kissing man florida south beach
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    hot ! :)

  4. Bergles Bergelson

    good to see he still has 3 fans left

  5. Guest

    Given that Adam Lambert is an interesting and very articulate person who could be engaged in any number of enlightening topics related to his music career, hopefully these are NOT the highlights of the show.

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