Adam Lambert Spotted With Ex Sauli Koskinen, As News Of Adam Leaving RCA Records Breaks

July 14th, 2013 // 6 Comments
Adam Lambert Joins 'Glee'
Adam Lambert
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Singer Adam Lambert and his ex-boyfriend Sauli Koskinen were spotted walking to Adam’s apartment in West Hollywood, California earlier today (July 14, 2013).

Adam has been making tons of news lately. First there was the news of Adam being cast in season 5 of Glee, which may be postponed until mid-season due to the death of Cory Monteith.

Adam tweeted earlier today, “My deepest sympathies go out to friends and family of Cory Monteith. Such tragic news.”

Shortly there after the casting news broke, it was revealed that Adam is walking away from his recording contract with RCA after the label insisted his next release be an 80′s cover album, something which he steadfastly refused. 

He sent a letter to THRexplaining his decision…

“We are indeed having the oft-cited “creative differences” as to what my next project will be. Your article was correct, the label is “pushing for an (80′s) covers album,” and feels that this is the only kind of release they are prepared to support. While there are lots of great songs from that decade, my heart is simply not in doing a covers album.”

“Over the past four years, I have been truly fortunate to work with an amazing roster of producers, writers and engineers. Thanks to them, I have grown as both a songwriter and a vocalist. Artistically & professionally, I think it is essential that I continue with this evolution. I am already deep into writing new material with some very talented colleagues for a brand new album, and I can’t tell you how excited I am to share this new sound & direction. This music is where my heart is, and I believe that is what my fans want to hear.”

Bravo Adam. Not many people have the guts to stand up for themselves, especially to a major record label. However, if anyone could have done it, Adam could.

Launch the gallery to check out Adam and Sauli in West Hollywood.

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By Michael Prieve

  1. Adam Lambert Walking To His Apartment With His Ex
    Commented on this photo:

    He looks great!! And I recognise that hat from a long time ago!

  2. Jacki

    I admire this man so much. He never shies away from doing what he believes is right. No matter what the risks.

  3. So nice to see Adam and Mr. K out and about, they look good together. Best wishes to Adam with Glee, new music, and a new label.

  4. Love them both, together and separate.

  5. Canadiann

    Adam Lambert has integrity and balls. I admire him for always standing up for what he believes which rarely involves the easy route. It’s nice to see Adam and his ex remaining close friends. They are both great guys and I have my fingers crossed that one day they will reconcile.

  6. Adam is looking great!! I am so happy that he broke from RCA!! That was a long time coming and I am proud he stood up with grace and for his integrity as an artist. He and Sauli are still good friends, so that is really nice when ex’s can make that work.

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