Adam Lambert Runs A Few Errands In LA, Is Rocking Some Sexy Silver Hair

Adam & His Mama
Adam Lambert enjoyed a red carpet date with his mom.
So, does this mean that we can refer to Adam Lambert as a silver fox? At least for the time being.

The magical musical man (my other favorite term for him) was spotted in Los Angeles yesterday, running a few errands all by his lonesome. Adam, I’ve told you, if you ever need a shopping buddy, just call me!

After showing off both green and silver last week, it seems Adam has finally picked one. I love it, especially with the black facial hair. Now, did you guys hear about the awesome thing Adam did this weekend? 

He was the special musical guest at this girl’s 16th birthday party. I know! You know who my special musical guest was? No one! Because clearly I’m not as cool as her. Adam shared her Instagram video that he took of himself on her phone–that’s a mouthful.

Did you watch it a million times? You should. It’s only 15 seconds long. I want to be that 16-year-old girl. You guys! We should pool all our money together and get him to play at a Glambert fan event! Oh wait, that’s just called an Adam Lambert concert. Seriously, he and Queen need to start touring now so I can get my fix.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Adam running errands. I’m not usually into jeans shorts, but he somehow makes it work. Now keep the silver hair, Mr. Lambert. The title for “Hottest Silver Fox” is down to you and Anderson Cooper.