Adam Lambert, Nina Dobrev, Chris Colfer & More Looking Good At TrevorLIVE LA

December 9th, 2013 // 2 Comments

Can I just say how disappointed I am in life that I wasn’t on the red carpet at last night’s TrevorLIVE event honoring Jane Lynch?

Everyone I love was there! Everyone! Let’s start off with the magical man himself, Adam Lambert. Like, how does he make suits like that look good? Imagine his colorful suit on anyone else and it’s ridiculous. On Adam? It’s glamorous.

Speaking of glam, hello Nina Dobrev! I don’t love the collar, but I do love the color and her hair. So pretty. 

Chris Colfer and most of his Glee co-stars were also on hand to help celebrate  honoree Jane Lynch. Loving Chris in a suit. Loving Darren Criss with his tie. Loving Naya Rivera‘s overly seductive stare–it’s all just so much fun.

Too bad Lea Michele wasn’t there. Maybe she and Adam could have given us a taste of their upcoming Glee duet. And on the subject of Glee duets, someone get Kathy Griffin on there. She and Adam are already BFFs, it would be awesome.

So guys, have I mentioned how I keep binge watching The Vampire Diaries? I’m obsessed right now, so I love that Nina was joined by Kat Graham and Candice Accola.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from the show and the red carpet. There’s Adam and Nina and Kathy and Mark Salling and Andrew Rannells…just, a lot of people. Who’s your pick for best dressed? My pick goes to Adam. Forever and always. Tell us yours in the comments!

By Sabba Rahbar

  1. Sherry

    Any celebrity can borrow an expensive dress or suit and walk the red carpet. But it takes Adam Lambert to show us that being ordinary isn’t his thing and we shouldn’t be either. I love Adam’s risk taking and daring personality. He looks good in everything he wears. He should be a male model with his gorgeous good looks and perfectly built body. In fact he shows us that you don’t have to appear at a function like this almost nude to get attention. He knows what he is doing and we love it.

  2. Best dressed… “Adam. Forever and always”. ..his very own awesome, unique ‘real’ self!

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