Adam Lambert Needs A Drag Queen’s Help

January 19th, 2011 // 21 Comments

What has happened to Adam Lambert? Remember when he wore a giant pomp and looked all like a Joan Jett meets Elvis drag queen? I loved that Adam.

This new Adam, spotted at the premiere party of RuPaul’s Drag Race 3 in Hollywood last night, is just a mess. Is that a disco poncho? Dear, you aren’t as old as Liza – hell, even she wouldn’t wear your outfit. Especially paired with some over-flared Janis Joplin jeans. I hope that the queens at the party ripped him for not only that outfit, but that awful hair.

Even would Liza would say, “Balls To THAT!” to you, dear Lambert.


What are your thoughts on this outfit and overall look? Heroin junkie, right?

By Justin Thompson

  1. Guest

    What a snarky, stupid little “article”. I think Adam looks great! He is such a beautiful man no matter what he wears.

  2. Mia

    I could care less about his hair or what he’s wearing – I think he’s gorgeous in anything. What I’m much more concerned about is what’s happened to his happy smile and his “sparkle” ever since the Glam Nation Tour ended. He seems so sad when photographed recently and it hurts my heart to see it.

  3. Glambert-Jo

    What a nasty horrible person you are, to make such cruel comments against a person.
    He is gorgeous no matter what he wears.
    But the point is he is beautiful on the inside as well, something you seem to lack!!

  4. cheesehead

    Looks like you’re outvoted, Justin. Take it like a man.

  5. Tay

    Not a fan of the poncho and the hair is hit and miss for me, depending on the day/picture. I have to agree with Mia, though. He does have a sad air about him lately. But, well I’d be kind of :-\ too if I was wearing that outfit. Adam is beautiful – his styling choices latel, not so much.

  6. Getunstuck

    Fashion is everchangeing. The very fact that you declare this look too retro is prbly the very reason Adam likes it-he doesn’t like to go for what everyone else is wearing. Haven’t you noticed that about him? Glammer pants, anyone? And I’m sure he doesn’t give a sh*t what you think. Same with the hair-Now everyone is doing the bouffant hair, so Adam takes it way down-if you don;t like it, wait a week or so. He’ll change it. That’s why he’s ever fascinating. His body is his canvas, and a gorgeous one it is.

  7. Getunstuck

    PS Yes, he has looked sad of late. Hope it’s just a perception-he should have the world by the tail-successful tour, new home, Grammy nod, time to relax. Just needs to find that special someone…

  8. M

    He’s worn all that before anyways. There’s pics of him with that poncho even before he was on Idol and he wore it in Japan last year. The pants he wore for his Whole Lotta Love performance on Idol and he’s had hair like that many times before too. I do wonder if he’ll keep it long for the Grammys.

  9. CocoVallejo

    Adam Lambert can make any style look so good. The new long hair just raises his sexy level to off the charts. I love a man who can change it up and look this good doing it! You just watch all the celebs will be rocking ponchos this year. He takes my breath away!

  10. queenrosered

    Well, WTF?? I mean really? As beautiful as this man is, inside and out you are petty enough to write Bulls**t like this? Since YOU are not privy to what he has in mind for the near future…has it occurred to you that his hair is growing longer for a reason? Like a NEW look? Actors do it all the time with facial hair, hair-dos, fashion and even body weight for movies.And I agree with many others here….he’s gorgeous, even in a burlap sack! He is a ROCK GOD! Retro Rock God? I LOVE IT!

  11. adam lambert rupaul drag race party
    Shame on U
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    He needs more help than a Drag Queen

  12. adam lambert rupaul drag race party
    ingrid williams
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    Heh, maybe he’s hiding something underneath? His cute face is a bit chubby…

  13. adam lambert rupaul drag race party
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    Adam: You need to change that hair cut you look horrible. please change your advisors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  14. adam lambert rupaul drag race party
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    Adam: I am your fan and I don’t wan’t people laughing about you, please look for some advice about how to dress and how to do your hair you are so beautifull to ruin your looks

  15. xendeb

    Agree with the article. Adam looks like he’s wearing a sack.
    I love Adam but I can still he when he looks ridiculous ;)

  16. Mel

    Caught an interview with Adam online after watching last weeks Drag Race premiere, and he explained that the poncho was sentimental, a gift from good friend and drag queen Ms Allana (aka Mza Superstar, aka Allan Louis) back in their Burning Man days.

    But srsly Adam, shelve the warm and fuzzy sentiment, that was not a good look. Although he did rock a bit more effectively during promo in Japan.

    • QUEEN .B.$$$$$$

      I think that some of you realy don’t have style and that you must get over the fact that Adam is way more stysilsh in every way!! :)

  17. adam lambert rupaul drag race party
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    adam looks hot no matter what he is wearing…that is run your fingers through it hair…love adam!!!

  18. adam lambert rupaul drag race party
    Barbara Perry
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    Mabe he was just feeling vulnerable and did not want to have on a shirt open to the waist. It”s really his business and I love him no matter what he wears. He is a first class human being!!

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