Adam Lambert Narrowly Escapes Parking Ticket In West Hollywood [PHOTOS]

20 Adam Lambert GIFS
We all know that Adam Lambert is better in GIF form.
Even celebrities do their best to avoid parking tickets.

Pop star Adam Lambert rushed back to his parking meter to avoid a ticket from parking enforcement in West Hollywood, California yesterday (April 2, 2013).

Luckily for Adam, he’s quick on his feet, and just made it in time as the parking enforcement officer was getting ready to turn the corner when Adam ran out in front of him. 

Adam’s Miami fans will get to see him on April 14 when he performs at the Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade.

“In five short years, Miami Beach Gay Pride has gone from a neighborhood event to an event on the global stage,” Babak Movahedi, chair of the Pride board of directors, said in a release. “The fact that someone of Adam Lambert ‘s caliber is enthusiastic about performing at Miami Beach Gay Pride speaks volumes about the significance of our events.”

We’ll definitely be posting pics and video from the event, so check back for those.