Adam Lambert Manages To Look Flawless While Lightbulb Shopping, Instagrams Adorable Photo Of His Godson

August 11th, 2014 // 2 Comments
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Adam Lambert
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Ahh, so this is how Adam Lambert is spending all that hard earned Queen + Adam Lambert tour money–on fancy lightbulbs!

Socialite Life’s favorite singer (yes, we know he’s yours, too) was spotted in West Hollywood this weekend, do a little bit of light(bulb) shopping in a most Adam Lambert-worthy outfit. I am loving the leopard print shirt. I also love that after a vacation, I’m greeted with Lambert.

But that’s not all he was doing this weekend. He was also busy Instagramming adorable kid-pics and Tweeting about cultural appropriation. 

First, the cute kid-pics. Adam posted this super adorable photo on Instagram Sunday with the caption, “My Godson n me!”

I’m lovin’ Adam’s sunglasses, I’m lovin’ his godson’s hat–basically I love it all. I also love that he is always willing to speak his mind. Adam took to Twitter this week to give his thoughts on the topic of cultural appropriation. You can read the whole thing on his Twitter page, but since I love you guys I’ve got here for you.

“This whole cultural appropriation debate is so 20 years ago. Our cultures r BLENDING. A new, open minded/hearted generation is on the rise. I am so lucky to be part of a circle of fellow artists who are so open and full of love for our respective backgrounds and cultures.There are times I forget (or want to) that there r others that aren’t as integrated or progressive. Our experience isn’t everyone else’s. It’s why we are the artists. We love to reference things we find beautiful or badass. The creative impulse is actually very pure. If we focus on all our differences, we stay segregated. Right? I’m an Idealist though…. That’s my slant. ;) and MY opinion. Everyone has one.If anyone takes offense- I’m sorry. Not ever my intention. But when did we all get so damn sensitive!? Life’s too short! Have fun, be free. As an out and proud Gay man, I see LGBT culture appropriated all over the place! Catch phrases and all! Am I upset? No- I think it’s fab. K I’m off the soapbox. I love us all.”

I quite love how eloquently he puts it. It’s quite a difficult subject to tackle, especially in Tweets, but I appreciate that he’s trying. And his points make sense. If only I’d put them in my college paper on cultural appropriation.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Adam being fab and checking out some bulbs. Thoughts on his statements? Loving the photo of his godson? Sound off in the comments below!

By Sabba Rahbar

  1. Shannon

    Adam is such an open free spirit. I love how he sees possibilities for the world. His optimism is infectious.

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