Adam Lambert & Jared Leto Were Clearly The Best Part Of The 2014 iHeartRadio Music Awards

May 2nd, 2014 // 6 Comments

Did you watch the iHeartRadio Music Awards last night? I only watched two parts: when Adam Lambert talked and when Jared Leto sang. Clearly, I have my priorities in order.

And clearly Adam and Jared were the best part of last night’s show. From a talent aspect, fashion aspect, awesome aspect–just the best.

Adam made his first red carpet appearance in awhile last night and made sure not to disappoint in quite the snazzy Kris Can Assche green suit. I can’t think of another celebrity who could wear that color. 

The singer finished off his look with some very snazzy Versace shoes, black finger nails and plenty of Vivienne Westwood jewels. As our friends over at Idolator said, “hopefully the American Idol alum is edging closer towards the release of album number three. The pop world is so much more interesting with him in it.” Yes, yes and yes! I can’t survive on non-Adam sanctioned greatest hits albums alone!

Jared also went for something colorful last night, opting for a bright blue Ferragamo jacket and a man skirt. Because why not. Like, none of what he’s wearing matches, yet it somehow works. Also, important question: who looks more like Jesus, Jared Leto or Billy Ray Cyrus?

Guys! Brilliant idea! Adam and Jared singing together! Would their voices work? Probably, right? Adam’s voice works with anyone cause it’s perfect, so yes. I like this idea. Now launch the gallery to stare at a copious amount of photos of the duo and see if an idea of a duet appeals to you too. Sound off in the comments with your thoughts!

By Sabba Rahbar

  1. Summer


  2. RAchel

    Yes, duets with Adam always work. I think his voice would sound great with Jared Leto.

  3. Marie

    The Michael Jackson’s song premier was the number one reason why I watched the show. 2nd reason was 30STM

  4. Sonia

    Yup I only watched it for Jared Leto. I haven’t seen Adam Lambert in a while so it was refreshing to see him. Love both their unique outfits too:)

  5. Thanks for cmmenting on Adam & Jared, the two most exciting, handsomest and nicest guys in the business! I agreed with every word you said about each of them.They were my primary reason for watching. Adam always brightens up the stage & Red Carpet, so fashion forward and confident in his own skin. As much as I appreciate Jared’s talent & sublime good looks, I wasn’t bowled over by the man skirt and choice of fashion, but give him kudos for doing his own thing. Both men are exciting and fun to see and hear!

  6. Karen

    I wish they would do a remake of Jesus Christ Superstar, and Jared could play Jesus. Adam would be perfect in the roll of Judas. He sang one of Judas’ songs for a fund-raiser several years ago and he was fantastic. You couldn’t get any more perfect than to cast these two gorgeous, talented men in the lead rolls. Can’t wait for Adam’s concerts with Queen, ’cause I’ve already got my tickets!!! I’m waiting with baited breath to hear his next album too!!!!

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