Adam Lambert Is Rocking Different Colorful Hair & Really ‘Don’t Care’

April 18th, 2014 // 10 Comments
Adam Lambert Green Hair White Hair
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So, I’ve learned a few things from Adam Lambert‘s colorful hair experiences.

1) Green hair can actually be pretty flawless–on the right person and with the right Instagram filter, of course. And 2) Black beards look pretty freaking good with white hair.

Adam was quite busy on Instagram this week, showing off his new hairstyles. First there was, “Green Hair Don’t Care,” followed a few days later by, “White Hair Don’t Care.” 

And since the photos look kind of weird up above (don’t lie, I know it does) here they are again for you to stare at in all their glory.

I know, I know, you can’t handle the beauty before you right now. I get it. Also, that white hair looks crazy good on him. Remember the Tony Duran photoshoot? Hotness.

Now, let’s try and think of what other colors we’d like to see Adam try. I mean, he’s done some of them before, but I’d be super into red. Or a bright blue. And he also looks amazing with purple. Leave us your color picks in the comments!

By Sabba Rahbar

  1. Bea

    I don’t know what that green looks like in person, but a dark evergreen would be nice. I can’t see the white on stage with Brian May’s white hair. no no It’s gotta change before the tour.

  2. MalsDoxy

    burgundy, he would ROCK burgundy!!!

  3. Adam would really look hot in purple or deep blue, but I really loved him in the silver-white he had a while back. However, the one that I love the most was the color Adam called “acid wolf”, where the roots were black and the tips were streaked with white, blonde and light brown. Smokin’ hot!!!!!!!!

  4. Cel

    Got to be real, the shaved short hair Adam has had all year looks like crap! Who butchers a gorgeous head of hair then starts dying in in clown colors? The facial hair ages him by at least 8 years. Seriously when you are in your early 30′s and a pop star you should want to look as young as you can! Why deliberately go for an “early 40′s” look when you can look young and drop dead gorgeous without even trying? When you have the most incredible voice on the planet you don’t need gimmicks, “poser” looking tats, nose rings and chains…it just comes off like you are trying too hard to look “edgy”. By now everyone knows the “real Adam” So it’s just ridiculous! Your charisma, unmatched talent, and goofy lovable you stands on it’s own. Why pretend to be something you’re not? It ends up being a distraction. Would’t you rather have everyone talking about how talented you are instead of how stupid your hair looks? Come on!!

    • Raquel

      I agree with you completely, Cel. Besides, he should be too busy these days to be caught up in this teenager-like, got nothing better to do with my time nonsense, changing his hair color every other day. It comes across as if he’s bored and just wants to goof off. Does he want to be model- or would he rather be someone who is taken seriously in the music industry? So far, at least, that’s been his struggle, and this juvenile crap doesn’t help his image at all. How about instead starting to practice for the biggest gig of your life? At no other time in his career has he ever performed for as many people as he’ll be in front of this summer with Brian and Roger. Seems to me this tour should be worth changing his priorities for a while, at least.

    • Lauriellen

      The American Idol tour was in large arenas. But the vibe should be totally different. I can;t wait. I’m going to three shows, LA, Detroit and DC.

    • Jaqui

      Adam & Queen played a televised concert in front of an audience of 350,000 in Kiev, I don’t think it gets much bigger than that. Someone pointed out that this changing of the haircolor might be strategy to keep fresh and trending in the media. Though I agree with you on some of your points, it’s also possible that this is strategy and for that I commend Adam as he is one smart player. I hope his next album blows everyone’s mind. Though we know he won’t compromise, and from what we’ve seen trend setters tend to not get noticed until the people have caught up as in the Avicci collaboration. Trespassing should have been as big as LMD, but it set the trend, not followed it.

  5. Lauriellen

    Any color hair, I don’t care. It never lasts that long anyway. I didn’t care so much for the yellow. It didn’t work with his skin color.

  6. karencon

    comments are always so funny for Adam…everyone and his cousin always knows what’s best for Adam. How has he gotten this far in life and his career without following their advice? lol

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