Adam Lambert Is Awesome & The 10 Best Stories Of The Week

June 7th, 2013 // 3 Comments

Ready to find out all there was to know in the land of celebrity this week? Of course you are! So check it out as we round up the 10 best stories from the past week.

Obviously an Adam Lambert sighting is high up on our list of priorities to love. It even beat the baby shower of the year that Kim Kardashian had. Also, Kim and Kate Middleton‘s baby bumps in one week? So. Much. Baby.

Launch the gallery and check out the 10 best stories of the week. You’ll be a gossip pro in no time, or your money back. Well not actually, since this was free.

By Sabba Rahbar

  1. Guest

    Please no more reporting on “baby bumps”. Could not care less about them.

    • Guest2

      I second that.
      And while we’re at it, could we please stop using the term “baby bump(s)”? Waaay past the point of overuse.

  2. Maggie Magoo

    As long as I’m looking at photos of Adam Lambert, I’m smiling. Of course, if I’m listening to Adam Lambert sing, I’m either grinning or crying. And if I’m watching him perform, well, I try to keep breathing. Thanks!

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