Adam Lambert Hits Up Barney’s In Beverly Hills

Adam On 'Glee' Set
Adam Lambert & Demi Lovato with the NYC 'Glee' Gang.
Singer Adam Lambert did a little shopping at Barneys New York with a group of friends yesterday (Ocrober 3, 2013) in Beverly Hills, California. Was Adam picking out a new outfit for another night out at Bootsy Bellows? Who knows, but it looks like he was having fun while doing so.

Lambert, who recently played with Queen at the iHeartRadio Music Festival, received some high praises from original guitarist Brian May. Brian told iHeartRadio: “He’s extraordinary. It speaks for itself, his voice. That’s one voice in a billion. Adam can do things which really I have never heard anyone else ever do in my life.” 

He went on to say, “We have a chance to do great things with Adam Lambert. He really is a wonderful foil for us, so it’s a kind of gift from heaven, really. It’s a lot of fun, too. He’s nice to work with. He’s fun and light and he doesn’t have any airs and graces, and you know, he just gets on with it, and we feel like a family. It’s nice.”

What an amazing compliment. The pairing of Adam and Queen is really a wonderful gift.

Adam, being the awesome person that he is, gave his fans a sneak peek of one of his photoshoots by posting this pic on Instagram with the caption: “From new photoshoot @leecherry @cherrysodastudios (changed it to color!)”

Check out the pics of Adam and his friends in Beverly Hills in the gallery.