Adam Lambert, His Faces, His Hunger & His Hotness Hit The Abbey For Lunch [PHOTOS]

Adam Lambert Quotes
Adam gets motivational.
Oh hey Adam Lambert! Look at you being all fabulous and eating a yummy lunch.

The incredibly gorgeous hit-maker was spotted at West Hollywood hot spot The Abbey yesterday (March 30) grabbing lunch with a group of friends. Adam was all about making faces during lunch, which were all hysterical. Also, he is really getting into that food.

Adam looked super snazzy in a green, leopard print button up that he paired with grey jeans and a pair of white shoes. Sure it’s no giant, puffy, fur coat, but it’s still a pretty fabulous look. Think Adam is starting to get even more excited about his upcoming GLAAD honor? Dude! I’m excited about this! 

First of all, you know he’s going to look fabulous, and second of all, everyone who isn’t in the know will get to see just how awesome Adam is. I don’t understand why he’s not the most famous singer in the world. Everyone should constantly be bowing down to him. Hey! Adam’s friend in the tank top! Bow!

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Adam and friends having lunch. So if I want to see Adam I have to just start hanging around The Abbey? I think I can do that. Anyone care to join me?