Adam Lambert Has Finally Done The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, So Everyone Else Can Stop Now

20 Adam Lambert GIFS
We all know that Adam Lambert is better in GIF form.
Obviously don’t stop donating, but I think the world needs to cool it (ha) on the ice bucket challenges.

Especially now that Adam Lambert has done it and it’s pretty much perfection. The singer was nominated by former Glee castmate Chris Colfer and a few others, so obviously he did it because he’s a kickass human.

Adam posted the video on Twitter today, through some app called Viddy, and you can enjoy it after the jump. 

My favorite thing is that he’s doing it alone. I wonder how he got his phone angled so perfectly? Also, there was no ice in that bucket, so he better have used some freezing cold water.

And because his video amused me so, I’ll even forgive Adam for not being shirtless as I’ve requested. Alright, so after Adam my other favorite videos are Matt Bomer’s, David Beckham’s and Robert Pattinson’s. But Adam definitely wins for prettiest wet hair. Check it out below. I hope it makes you happy. And I secretly hope that Brian May does it, because I want to see his wet hair.