Adam Lambert Goes Triangular At Trevor Project Live Proud Campaign Show

Adam Lambert put on quite a show at the Trevor Project and AT&T’s Live Proud Campaign Wednesday night (July 03, 2013). The singer performed 8 songs as opposed to just the three that he agreed to perform. Such a giver!

The Grammy Award nominated American Idol runner-up dazzled the crowd at Playhouse Hollywood with such hits as “Whaddaya Want From Me.”

Lambert, 31, is an ambassador for the organization, which is the national leader suicide prevention among LGBT youth. He cheered the recent US Supreme Court ruling that gutted a key portion of the Defense of Marriage Act and killed California’s Proposition 8. 

“The younger generation doesn’t always feel like you have to label yourself, because they feel like we’re moving past it. But the older generation is like, ‘But wait! We fought so hard for this!'” Lambert told

“So I think the two sides having a dialogue is a big step in trying to kind of get to the next place, which is a post-gay reality,” he added. “We’re not there yet…but we’re on our way!”

However the American Idol Season 8 runner-up is happy to remain unhitched.

“It’s fabulous!” he said about the ruling to Radar Online. “But I’m single, so there are no wedding bells in my future [right now]!”

Watch video from the event below, and check out all the pics of Adam from the event by clicking through the gallery!