Adam Lambert Gets His Glam On At G-A-Y [PHOTOS]

Adam Lambert Quotes
Adam gets motivational.
Adam Lambert has just been one busy little, British bee.

The singer looked to be having an amazing time Saturday night as he brought fans to their feet with a kickass performance at G-A-Y, one of London’s hottest clubs. Adam even Tweeted about his excitement!

Adam has been performing all over the place, most recently at the Rays Of Sunshine concert where he went for the suit and tie look. Won’t lie, I kind of love it. Although, Adam in leather is the best thing ever. It rhymed!

Adam’s latest album, Trespassing, has been doing extremely well all over the world. I mean, I know former American Idol-ers Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood are also super successful, but it seems to be all about Adam.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from his G-A-Y performance. Any of you Londoners make it out to the club? Was it even more crowded than usual? Also, is it just me or does Adam really love that shirt? I feel like I’ve definitely seen him wear it before. At least it looks amazing on him!