Adam Lambert Enjoys Britney Spears, We Enjoy His Suit

20 Adam Lambert GIFS
We all know that Adam Lambert is better in GIF form.
So, these photos of Adam Lambert on the red carpet at the opening night of Britney Spears’ Las Vegas show might be a few days old, but since I was on vacation pretending I have a life and didn’t get to post them then, I am posting them now! Know why? Because I love Adam and I can.

Also, his Vivienne Westwood suit is very snazzy. He’s really been into the dark, reddish, burgundy colors recently. So, in addition to watching Britney perform this weekend and hang out with his celebrity friends, Adam had a show of his own. 

Sadly, there aren’t many photos from said event, but Adam did Tweet this Instagram video a fan took.

Watching this, I’ve decided that Adam needs to play Dr. Frank-N-Furter in The Rocky Horror Show. Come on! Imagine him in some lingerie, strutting around singing “Sweet Transvestite”. Actually, I’ll even take him as Riff Raff, because then he can sing “Time Warp”. This isn’t even something that I want to happen, it NEEDS to happen.

But until it does, launch the gallery and check out all the photos of Adam on the red carpet. Thoughts on his suit and the future I’ve laid out for him? Sound off in the comments!