Adam Lambert Dines In Montreal As He And Queen Take Over The East Coast

Adam & His Mama
Adam Lambert enjoyed a red carpet date with his mom.
So, Adam Lambert is clearly not in Montreal anymore cause he and Queen performed in Philadelphia last night, but these photos of the singer dining in Montreal were just released today and it’s not like I’m not gonna share them with you guys just cause they’re kind of old.

Plus, I haven’t seen them anywhere yet!

Adam clearly made the best of his time in the Canadian city this week. He hung out with friends, bought a new shirt and immediately wore it and, of course, gave a kick-ass concert. 

According to all the reviews, that’s also what he and Queen did last night in Philadelphia. Honestly, I expected nothing less.

Also, can we talk about how on point his eyebrow game is in this photo he Instagrammed?

I want to know how he does that. Oh East Coast, get excited because Adam and the band are going to be in your area for the next few weeks. Can you guys come back to LA though? I’d appreciate that.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Adam in Montreal a few days ago. You can really see the silver he’s got going on in his hair. In case you didn’t know, he’s kind of really attractive.