Adam Lambert Brings Glam To The Friends & Family Pre-Grammy Party [PHOTOS]

Adam Lambert B-Day!
Adam Lambert enjoyed a lap dance from David Arquette.
We can all agree that Adam Lambert is the most fashionable man in show business, correct?

Adam earned that title yet again last night (February 8) when he hit the red carpet at the 16th Annual Friends & Family Pre-Grammy Party wearing that gorgeous grey suit. Sure it’s a little more toned down than other red carpet outfits we’ve seen him in, but I am still loving it.

Also, does anyone else appreciate how much fun Adam has on the red carpet? Sure he poses and makes sure to look handsome, but there is an awful lot of winking, tongue wagging and general tom-foolery that goes on. Don’t you just love Adam? 

Can’t wait to see what crazy outfit he rocks at the Grammy Awards tomorrow night. I’m hoping it has feather. Then again, I always hope celebrities rock feather. Although in our current celebrity climate, Adam is the only one I can think of who can actually rock them for reals.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Adam from the red carpet. What do you guys think of his outfit? Love? More excited about his Grammy’s look? Sound off in the comments!