Adam Lambert Discusses What He Knows ‘Better Than I Know Myself’ [VIDEO]

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Aaaaand it’s a wrapAdam Lambert’s new video for “Better Than I Know Myself,” that is. Excited? You should be!

Lambert claims that this new single from his upcoming Trespassing album will highlight some basic human struggles:  it’s “about the relationship you have with yourself, between your dark and light side. It’s about duality; it’s about that balance and finding it and struggling to maintain it and what it means.”

He calls it a cousin to his super popular, “Whataya Want From Me,” which dealt with the insecurities of being in a relationship. He and boyfriend Sauli Koskinen look pretty solid, so let’s hope that part isn’t so true. But commercially, let’s hope that “Better Than I Know Myself” is as successful as its “cousin”!