Adam Lambert And Queen Rock It Out In Sydney, Adam Gets ‘Ambushed’ By A Fan

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Just to be clear, I’m using the term “ambush” really loosely. But we’ll get to that later.

First let’s focus on just how fabulous Adam Lambert and Queen were last night as they performed in Sydney, Australia. Actually, I guess it was technically tonight because Australia is so many hours ahead.

But who cares, because Adam and Queen rocked it. They’ve really been giving it their all on the Australia leg of their tour, and I’m sure the fans appreciate it. That’s a £30 million voice you’re listening to people.

Although personally I think Adam should have insured it for more. Now, what’s this about a fan ambush?

According to Digital Spy, Adam got quite a surprise a few days ago when he got in his car and found a female fan waiting for him. Apparently she had managed to slip past security and wait for the singer to arrive. According to a source the fan went into shock, “She was facing forward and didn’t make eye contact with him or say anything at all.” Yes, Adam has that effect on people.

He was said to have found the whole thing hilarious and didn’t actually care. See, just another reason why he’s perfect. Although I don’t suggest trying that yourself cause security is much less forgiving. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from the performance, and a few pre-show candids. I love all of this.