Adam Lambert And Queen Kick Off Their Tour In Australia, Adam Makes My Dream Come True

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Adam gets motivational.
People of Australia! I know you’re probably asleep right now since it’s 4:30 in the morning there, but oh my god! You guys got to witness Adam Lambert and Queen last night!

Well, at least the people of Perth did. And we have the pictures to go along with it and bring us all joy. Adam was really rocking out with that leather, studded jacket of his. It might be my favorite of his costumes.

OH! And, because he loves me, Adam made my dream come true. 

Remember when Adam Lambert did the ice bucket challenge and it was awesome and then he nominated Brian May and Roger Taylor? Well Brian May did it, which is exactly what I was hoping for because I want to see what his hair looks like wet. And I even appreciate that Brian did the challenge shirtless. Not that I really want to look at him shirtless, but it’s the thought that counts.

Check out Brian’s challenge in Adam’s Tweets below, then launch the gallery for some Queen + Adam Lambert action. Hey guys! Come back to Los Angeles. Please.