Adam Lambert And Queen Arrive In Australia All Prepped And Ready For The Latest Leg Of Their Tour

August 19th, 2014 // 1 Comment

Get excited Australia, because Adam Lambert and men of Queen are in. you.

The gents landed in Perth earlier today, looking handsome and casual as they made their way our of the airport. As much as I love how Adam dresses all the time, I sort of expect it from him. So when I see Roger Taylor and Brian May wearing fun things too, it always makes me happy.

Also, I wish I was in Australia right now, because oh my god it looks beautiful there. 

Please enjoy this photo from Adam with the caption, “Beautiful Perth Sky.”

I want to go to there. One day I will. Sadly, it won’t be when Adam Lambert and Queen are there, too. So now that Adam has “woken up Queen” as Brian May put it, can he finally release that solo album he’s been teasing for so long?

I needs it. Launch the gallery to get your Tuesday fill of Adam Lambert fabulousness. It’s made even more amazing by May and Taylor.

By Sabba Rahbar

  1. I do love Adams What the hell is he wearing moments, it’s so much more interesting than the usual jeans and t shirt :)

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