Adam Lambert And David Gandy Bring The Hotness At The 2014 Glamour Awards

20 Adam Lambert GIFS
We all know that Adam Lambert is better in GIF form.
Listen, when we had Adam Lambert and Jared Leto on the same red carpet, I didn’t think it could get any better. But I was wrong.

Because having Adam and David Gandy on the same red carpet is pretty much the best thing ever and just too much hotness for me to handle. The gentlemen put on their Tuesday best today for the 2014 Glamour Magazine Women Of The Year Awards in London.

I don’t really know why Adam and David were at women of the year awards, but do we really care? 

Adam kept it snazzy in a brown suit paired with a patterned shirt. This feels like the most normal color we’ve ever seen him wear. Ooo, but I love how it matches his hair. And clearly he was feeling very glam.

David was nothing short of his dapper self in a fitted grey suit, complete with vest and pocket square. It’s like he just rolls out of bed looking this amazing.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from today’s event. These are all the photos we’ve got right now, but I will 100% be adding more if they come in. So who’s your pick for best dressed? Adam or David? Let us know in the comments!