Adam Lambert And David Gandy Bring The Hotness At The 2014 Glamour Awards

June 3rd, 2014 // 11 Comments
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Adam Lambert
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Listen, when we had Adam Lambert and Jared Leto on the same red carpet, I didn’t think it could get any better. But I was wrong.

Because having Adam and David Gandy on the same red carpet is pretty much the best thing ever and just too much hotness for me to handle. The gentlemen put on their Tuesday best today for the 2014 Glamour Magazine Women Of The Year Awards in London.

I don’t really know why Adam and David were at women of the year awards, but do we really care? 

Adam kept it snazzy in a brown suit paired with a patterned shirt. This feels like the most normal color we’ve ever seen him wear. Ooo, but I love how it matches his hair. And clearly he was feeling very glam.

David was nothing short of his dapper self in a fitted grey suit, complete with vest and pocket square. It’s like he just rolls out of bed looking this amazing.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from today’s event. These are all the photos we’ve got right now, but I will 100% be adding more if they come in. So who’s your pick for best dressed? Adam or David? Let us know in the comments!

By Sabba Rahbar

  1. Two very handsome, elegant men. Pleasure to see both of them.

  2. Lily

    My fave, Adam. He has great fashion taste and has the best voice in the music business today. Two of my favourite singers, Freddie Mercury and Adam Lambert. It’s going to be a great summer…cannot wait for the Queen + Adam tour. What a treat to see Roger Taylor, Brian May and Adam Lambert on one stage performing some of the best music ever written!

  3. New York

    When Adam’s in the pic… everyone else kinda fades into the background……
    But have to say… NOTHING tops Adam and Leto together :)

  4. Lory

    Nice looking guys but I swear Adam exudes style and charisma

  5. Hoku

    Loving Adam

  6. Natalia Bartolini

    The taste of David James Gandy is usually impeccable and this event is no different. He looks extremely dashing and completely handsome and elegant. I love to see what he will surprise us with and he is by far for me the choice to go with.

  7. atomom

    Adam gets my vote; he wears his clothes as he should with the confidence of a young buck, looking fresh and cool, the colors befitting the warm season. With David Gandy, the clothes are more suited for a colder climate; the dark outfit, tight to his frame, and with a vest, looks suffocating and totally discordant with the the first days of summer. JMHO, but then again, Adam could be in a fugly onesie, and I’d still vote for him. Gandy didn’t have a chance with this girl.

  8. Terry

    They both look very dapper & handsome. I dont like brown much but I also dont like that pattern on the grey suit. ROFL I”m fussy I guess. I call this a draw :D But who cares really – eye candy all round

  9. Cubic

    Adam just exudes sex.

  10. Slore

    Gandy looks dandy as usual. His Tom Ford suit is very flattering and well fitted.

  11. Adam Lambert Brown Suit Glamour Magazine Red Carpet Brown Hair Glam
    connie d balandra
    Commented on this photo:

    Undeniably so handsome adam! his character is so handsome as well. He has not changed, his success did not go to his head. I am an avid fan of Adam Lambert since American Idol days. He is beautiful a person, with good attitude. His voice is beyond compare, he has a haunting charismatic voice. I wish him all the best in life.

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