Adam Brody Is Sweaty After Going To A Boxing Gym, Talks New Flick ‘Some Girls’ [PHOTOS]

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Hey Adam Brody, you’re alive!

The former O.C. star shows some sign of life and he appears sweaty and dishevelled! The actor was seen stepping into the ring at a boxing gym for a sparring session this weekend.

The 33-year-old, who is reportedly dating Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meester, is starring in Neil LaBute’s play adaptation of Some Girls. The film follows Brody’s character, who on the eve of his wedding, rehashes his old relationships by visiting his ex-girlfriends.

The actor spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the film and his role.

He revealed that he’d never really done anything like Some Girls, but that it was really fun because he, along with his co-stars, “had the benefit of these being scenes with layers and good twists and turns, and good plot reversals — versus just talking.” He also said that since the film was originally a play, each scene was 18 to 20 pages long!

Some Girls has loads of dark humour, a manipulative protagonist and also stars Kristen Bell!

Wonder if this will be Adam Brody’s comeback or will he forever just be our beloved Seth Cohen? Share your thoughts in comments!