Activision E3 Preview Event Features Eminem, Usher and N.E.R.D.

Check it out, gamers. Activision had an insane party Monday night. An insane party costing $6 MILLION, which turned the LA Staples Center into an amazing entertainment playground.

The video game company previewed trailers for their fall lineup, all to the soundtracks of Usher,, N.E.R.D., David Guetta, Jane’s Addiction, Chris Cornell, and Eminem with special guests Travis Barker and Rihanna – I wonder if her on stage costume got video game virgins nervous..

See mom, video games aren’t just for kids. Even Usher told protégé Justin Bieber it was past his bed time.

Eminem can really kill it on stage. Hopefully the swag upgraded his tech gear.

Check out the video of Eminem performing with Rihanna after the jump.