According To Conrad Jackson, Michael Jackson Killed Himself

Well this is a surprising defense.

TMZ is reporting that Dr. Conrad Murray said that Michael Jackson himself took the overdose of Propofol.

Dr. Murray told to police man that he gave 25mg of Propofol to Jackson which would take him to unconscious mode for only 5 to 10 minutes. But, in later investigation reports, Doctors found that nearly 100ml of Propofol was consumed by Jackson. For the next one hour, Dr. Murray had a stay in the same room where Jackson was present.

He also said that, Jackson left the room after two hours of deep sleep. In that interval of time, Jackson had 20ml Propofol and injected whole bottle himself.

Sound a little fishy to you? Especially since that’s pretty much the reason Jackson had Dr. Murray on staff, to pump him up with drugs. We’ll have to see how this bizarre story ends up playing out in court.