According To Esquire, Jon Hamm Isn’t Just Poetry, He’s ‘Eagle Poetry’

In a recent profile for Esquire, Jon Hamm was given his due for playing infamous Don Draper on Mad Men. And then some. And then some.

The joke was supposed to be that Hamm’s image is “larger than life,” but instead, I felt like I was waiting for a Chuck Norris-esque punchline. I mean, what are you supposed to think with lines like, “he shrugs like a guy who took a shower by walking through the rain” and “he treats good-looking the way you treat your favorite sweater:  he leaves it on without thinking about it”?

No, seriously, that’s what it said.

Hamm did seem to have a quieter presence when he was spotted arriving at BBC Radio 1 in London yesterday. And I guess even looking “modest and small,” his face still had those same darn “components of angular male handsomeness.” But can’t we just say he’s hot and call it a day?