Absolutely Fabulous Returns! Life Is Amazing!

April 21st, 2011 // 3 Comments

Best news ever.  The Daily Mail reports that Absolutely Fabulous, the 90s hit starring Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley, will return to us.  The BBC confirms that Patsy and Edina will again be swimming in a sea of vodka and holding on to cigarettes for dear life this August, when filming begins.

PHOTOS: Jennifer Saunders At The 2009 BAFTAs

Saunders hasn’t written the script yet, as she’s busy working on Spice Girls: The Musical, a play which we will DEFINITELY be purchasing tickets for.  But both ladies and the BBC are alllll about Ab Fab being back on the air.  Lumley told HELLO magazine, “The great thing is that because … we fast-forwarded to where they’re very old and nearly dead and practically plugged into vodka machines, it doesn’t matter how beyond [the original series] we do it.”

By Kelly Lynch

  1. Keith Marmino

    Well it is about time!! We sure as hell missed this show!! Grab the bolly and fire up a ciggy!….LMAO!!

  2. Helen Peck


  3. Joanna Lumley Jennifer Saunders Set Absolutely Fabulous New York City
    Commented on this photo:

    Well its about time! Not only is she funny but is also a serious dramatic actress- just catch her in “Coming Home” and Nancharrow” 2 BBC shows about growing up in the WW2 era. And she preceded Emma Peel in her early role on Sapphire and Steele in the 70s a sci-fi show and she was quite wonderful as a zany detective in Class Act and her 2 most recent a take-off of Upstaires/Downton Abbey and her role in the new “Wolf of Wall St”. So have a chher and maybe Patsy and Edina will return..

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