About That Daniele Radcliffe Chap

Daniel Radcliffe
was interviewed by Dazed And Confused magazine, and we learned a bit more about Mr. Potter.

-Radcliffe switched his drink of choice from Vodka & Coke Classic to Vodka & Tonic, ’cause that’s what the big kids drink (according to his parents).

-Radcliffe held it in when he saw Toy Story 3.  He was around a bunch of dudes and wasn’t comfortable enough to weep like a baby.  His parents, however, saw the film separately and sobbed for the Radcliffe of yesteryear.

-Radcliffe would rather be complimented for his work in Equus than in any Harry Potter film.  Such an actor.

-Radcliffe doesn’t like 3-D and doesn’t think Harry Potter needs it.  Are you serious? 3-D was invented for films like HP!