About Those Suri Cruise Clothing Line Rumors

Is Suri Cruise launching a fashion line, John Galliano to tell all to Vanity Fair, Jennifer Aniston’s hair dress was a stoner and more fashion news!

We run down five fashion related stories that caught our attention today from around the web.

A Fashion Line For Kids From Suri Cruise?

What did you do at the age of seven? Finish a puzzle? That’s cute. Well, Suri Cruise is apparently launching a clothing line. We’re taking this one with a big ‘ole grain of salt [and we were right to be skeptical — see update below], but The Sun is reporting that the celebrity kid has just landed a £1.5 million deal to create a fashion brand aptly named Suri. We couldn’t make this stuff up. The first collection, launching next fall in “a New York department store,” will supposedly include dresses, shirts, jeans, shoes and accessories. More on The Huffington Post.

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John Galliano Signs on for Vanity Fair Tell-all

Now this explains why Galliano refused to do a question-and-answer forum at Parsons: He has agreed to participate in a Vanity Fair profile, which traditionally comes with all sorts of exclusivity agreements. This forthcoming tell-all story, out in the magazine’s July issue, will mark Galliano’s first real interview since his fateful anti-Semitic ramblings ended his Dior career. Details at The Cut.

Jennifer Aniston’s Hair Dresser Said He Was Stoned When He Created Iconic Haircut

Aniston has brought salon owner Chris McMillan, her longtime friend and creator of her famed “Rachel” cut, on board, and Living Proof kicked off a contest Thursday that will award a grand prize of hanging out with Aniston and McMillan for a day, to be capped with a McMillan haircut. More at WWD.

Meet the Most Powerful Woman at Condé Nast

Many at Condé Nast aren’t sure what Jill Bright does, but they are sure of one thing: She’s one of the most powerful people at the company. “So powerful, she’s scary” is actually how many describe Bright, 50. Details at Adweek.

22 Ways Carey Mulligan Has Evolved Into A Fashion Icon

Before you travel back to the 1920s with Ms. Daisy Buchanan, lets take a look at the star’s personal fashion choices. Check out the full list at Buzzfeed.