ABC News Thinks We’re “Witty”

And they’re real journalists, so it must be true.

I was contacted yesterday by Rusell Goldman for my insight into the world of celebrity hangers-on and social climbers. Initially thinking was calling me out on my obviously parasitic function as a low-rate gift bag junkie, I was surprised when I realized he was hoping to get my “expert” opinion on some of the more high-profile Hollywood/socialite groupies about whom I snipe on a daily basis. Here’s a snippet of me chatting about why we love to hate the Brandon Davises of the world on ABC

“We pride ourselves that there is no caste system in America,” Timmons said, “that you can come to this country and become self-made … I want to feel that someone making more money than me deserves it — it justifies the hierarchy of the capitalist system.”

That’s right folks. We use words like “hierarchy” here at ASL. You can thank my Word-A-Day calendar for that doozy.

For the full article, “Vanity Fake” by Russell Goldman of ABC News, click here.

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