ABC Has It In For Paula Abdul

May 5th, 2005 // 4 Comments

Fallen Idol was more like let’s ruin Paula Adbul’s career. Talk about tabloid television. And what was up with Corey Clark’s homies? Jesus, they were kind of a scary bunch. And why on earth was he wearing prison colored orange? While Corey did most likely spend time at Paula’s home, and she gave him some advice it all kind of reeked like extortion to me.

Clark’s parents told “Primetime” that they disapproved of their son’s relationship with Abdul while he was a contestant, and they spoke to the judge when she called their house looking for Clark.

On the program, Clark also alleges that Abdul gave him some of her prescription cough syrup to ease his throat problems and helped spruce up his image with clothes and a haircut in order to help in “polishing off that dust — off of the dirty diamond and helping me shine a little bit, you know what I mean? Like, ‘Yo, check him out now.’ ”

Clark told “Primetime” that he is coming forward now in order to “set the record straight for myself. And, unfortunately, I need to set the record straight for her, too, because she was a part of it.” The singer denies his comments are part of a publicity stunt, but the press release from “Primetime” notes that a song on Clark’s upcoming debut album deals with the affair.

Let’s see what Paula has to say about all of this.

‘Fallen Idol’ Corey Clark Claims Abdul Gave Him Backstage Help [VH1]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. not telling

    I never saw an episode of the show but I saw the promo commercials with him and I thought sure he was gay. I have a hard time believing he would be aroused by a 40yo woman. Of course I could be very wrong.

  2. MisNik

    It was pretty obvious from the interview last night that all he’s looking for is promotion for his album. If the idiot would’ve thought it through, he would realize that maybe it’s because of her that he is where he is, wherever that is. Ungrateful little punk.

  3. Erica

    What was Paula thinking? Ofcourse ABC has it in for her, they need a good story, but she needs to take some responsibility for this situation. I think she was stupid for dropping him like a bad habit and thinking nothing would happen. She lives in Los Angeles, the capital of scandal. She really should’ve tried to keep things between them cool, the guy hit his sister for christsake….You can’t tell me she’s not responsible for any of this.

  4. MisNik

    She’s certainly responsible for part of it but the kid had no reason to make this such a scandal other than promotion for himself at her expense… despite the fact that she risked so much (albeit wrongfully) to help the Sideshow Bob lookalike.

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