ABC Family’s Upfront 2012 In NYC, We Wonder: Who Is “A?” [PHOTOS]

Shirtless Joey Lawrence
The former teen heartthrob working on his fitness.
‘Twas a very colorful upfront gathering for ABC Family today (March 19th) in New York City. Lucy Hale, Joey Lawrence, Shailene Woodley and Shay Mitchell were only a few of the network’s stars who walked the red carpet at the Mandarin Oriental, with Hale’s appearance reminding us that tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars answers the question: Who is A?

Quick question on Hale’s (loud) blue suit.  Was there not a tailor available to hem her pants?  Did Hale shrink just before carpet time?

Also, why oh why is Melissa & Joey still on the air?  Really, America?  75% of you still haven’t tuned into Downton Abbey, and this is probably why.  

Woodley is so totally over this.  She’s walking the red carpet, mumbling to herself, “I was in The F****ing Descedents and now I’m standing alongside Melissa Joan Hart.  FML.”