Lady Gaga Performs And Aaron Kelly Goes Home On ‘American Idol’

Harry Connick Jr. mentored the American Idol contestants as they faced a week of Frank Sinatra songs. Connick is either gunning for the new American Idol judge or maybe trying out  for the Ha Ha Cafe. He was pulling some serious schtick on the elimination show. Check out his interesting sense of humor video after the jump.

After Aaron Kelly and Michael Lynche ended up in the bottom two, Aaron was sent packing. “I’ve had a blast,” said the wee singer, who meet with fans at launch of Shrek 3D at the Grove on April 24.

Lady Gaga seems to be over that rough patch giving an amazing performance which opened briefly with a slow version of “Bad Romance” and moved into an elaborate smoky performance of “Alejandro”.

Check out Gaga’s heavily accented performance after the jump