Aaron Eckhart Goes Behind The Lens As A Fashion Photog

Aaron Eckhart is hoping to become an actor turned fashion photographer. He has already gotten his feet wet with a shoot for Molly Sims’ jewelry line, ‘Grayce by Molly Sims the Collection’ but the Two-Face actor is ready for more.

“I’m obsessed with- it’s all I do,” he told PEOPLE at the at the line’s N.Y.C. launch March 23 at Henri Bendel. “That’s really the only thing I think about.”

The actor cites photogs like Bruce Weber as major inspiration. But is the end of acting for Eckhart and the start of a new and different kind of glamorous life?

“Straight-up fashion photography in the studio-that’s not what I
necessarily aspire to, you know? I like to be outside, on location,
making up stories,” he says. “That’s where my acting comes in.” So apparently the cute actor is looking to make the best of both worlds.

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